Sue and JD DeLoria
Jan 08 KKIII Playgroup

Your Contributions

Your contributions have helped more kids swim, dance, and sing.


12/17/2019 Lahaina Arts Guild $2,000 Supplies for free art classes for the kids
11/7/2019 Holy Innocents Preschool $1,000 Music lessons for the Kids
11/7/2019 Maui Academy of Performing Arts $2,000 Nutcracker performance, anything to help the kids in costumes or to participate
11/7/2019 Lahaina Swim Club Inc $3,000 To help with the kid’s travel expenses for swim meets
11/7/2019 Kid Zone Maui $2,000 To assist with the build-out of the new location in Lahaina
4/23/2019 Friends of LHS Music $2,000 To help with travel expenses for kids on the upcoming trip to Japan
4/23/2019 Lahaina Arts Association $2,000 To assist in providing free art classes to kids
4/23/2019 Lahaina Christian Fellowship $2,000 For sponsorship of kids for Summer Camp
4/23/2019 Holy Innocents Preschool $1,000 For music classes for the kids
4/23/2019 Maui Academy of Performing Arts $2,000 Sponsorship of kids for dance or drama classes 
4/23/2019 Lahaina Canoe Club $1,000 For the Keiki program, equipment, coaches, travel expenses to races
1/4/2019 Lahaina Christian Fellowship $1,000 To assist in providing equipment for kids music learning


11/27/2018 Holy Innocents Preschool  $1,000 Music Instruction for the kids
11/27/2018 Lahaina Arts Association  $1,000 For Kids Art Classes
11/27/2018 Lahaina Swim Club Inc  $2,000 To assist with Kids travel expenses for State Races
11/27/2018 Maui Academy of Performing Arts  $2,000 For the Nutcracker Performance
11/27/2018 Lahaina Christian Fellowship  $1,000 To assist in providing equipment for kids music learning
11/27/2018 Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Maui, Inc.  $2,000 To assist with whatever is needed for the kids
8/7/2018 Lahaina Tennis Club  $1,000 For the Keiki program, travel expenses, snacks, uniforms or coach salary whatever is needed for the perpetuation of promoting the youth Tennis program
5/10/2018 Lahaina Canoe Club  $1,000 Assistance towards all aspects of the Keiki program, transportation, equipment, snacks, coach salary any item that will help with perpetuating the keiki program for the club
3/14/2018 Lahaina Christian Fellowship  $1,000 Maui Music Mission
3/6/2018 Jaquish Dukelow Memorial Cancer Research Guild $500 Unrestricted
3/6/2018 Lahaina Swim Club Inc  $2,000 Lahaina Swim Team
3/6/2018 Maui Academy of Performing Arts  $2,000 Unrestricted
3/6/2018 Boys and Girls Clubs of Maui, Inc.  $1,000 Lahaina Boys & Girls Club
3/6/2018 Lahaina Arts Association  $1,000 Unrestricted
3/6/2018 Friends of LHS Music  $1,000 Lahaina High School Band